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Welcome to a Husky/Malamute.

My only advice is to continue ignoring her. If you even give in to her once just so she'll stop - you're reinforcing the behavior that her whining = getting the door opened.

I took a different route and I didn't crate train because my girl would scream bloody murder AND rip out her teeth - she pulled four of her teeth out on the crate. BUT since I'm always home - I was afforded the luxury of skipping crate training. I realize the benefits to a dog being crate trained and I later (7-8/9 months old) reintroduced her to the crate. She will no longer scream bloody murder in the crate and I can shut the door and she'll be fine.

yepppp. Maggie screamed the first week or 2. I ignored it. A week or 2 later she learned to love it. Now I can't to get her out of it!! lol
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