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Chloe isn't really groomed a lot by a professional. She's easy to put in the tub and scrub up! I bathe her about every 8-10 weeks. Pugs feet get really stinky (as you'll find out!) and we do go to the beach a lot so I like to do it that often even though it's not really recommended. Her coat is fine doing so.

I clean out her ears about every other day and do her nose roll every day. She developed an ear infection last year that spread to her nose roll and it was gross! Happened really fast too. I use a Q-Tip or kleenex for the nose roll and ear wipes for the ears.

Do a search for Malesab (sp?) Pledgets as they are really good at cleaning the wrinkles and won't leave moisture behind like baby wipes will. They are a lot cheaper online than at the vet.

I do take her to the groomer for a furminater treatment and nail clips. I bought one of those zoomie brushes - they look like a glove - and it works better than any brush I found. Make sure to do it outside though as tons of hair will come off!

Edit to add: did the shelter adopt him out like that? That's so sad!!! Usually brown smelly gunk is a huge indicator of infection, has your vet seen him? They are fairly easy to treat.
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