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Pug Gland Issues - Any Advice Trully Appreciated

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I have a 3year old Pugzu called Spud, we have to take him to the vets every 2 weeks to have his glands expressed (its not very nice). The vet said he has an issue with one of his glands as it sits lower than it usually should which causes it to not express natrually.

Both glands are healthy and have no signs of infection or complications. However, the vet suggested they could operate and remove them. I am very worried about having this procedure as I have heard it can cause many complications from a previous vet. I am not sure if it is worth having the operation or continuing with the fortnightly gland expressions with the vet. My only concern with delaying the operation would be that he would have to have it done at an older age which would make the risks a lot higher.

I am just looking for any advice before I make a decision as I would of course like to make the best decision for Spud.

Thanks for any advise its truly appreciated!

Best Regards
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My case study sample is one. My Standard Rat Terrier had to have his anal glands removed after repeated abscesses. He was maybe three years old at the time? He healed nicely, and lived to nearly fourteen with no complications ever.
I would try adding canned pumpkin to his diet and schedule regular gland expressions (every 2-4 weeks if needed). If you are not squeemish, you could discuss the option with your vet of the possibility of learning to do the expressions yourself....but it is a delicate thing that if done incorrectly could cause damage/harm to the gland. I can understand your reluctance about the surgery, but if your dog has a gland or glands that are causing a serious quality of health issue....and adding more fiber (canned pumkin with NO other ingredients i.e. no spicesor other ingredients) does not help the issue...you may need to go ahead with the surgery if your dog's bloodwork says he is healthy enough to undergo surgery. Some surgical specialists in this vet field might use lasers now.

If I was in your place, I would try adding more fiber to your dogs diet or changing his diet all together...perhaps to something home made or raw if he is currently on a commercial dog food.

I hope what I have posted here has not violated any forum rules. I am new here and although I have read the rules, I still am uncertain about where giving advice falls (allowed or not).
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