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PROS and CONS of being a dog owner

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Before the dogs..

I get to go to the salon 2-3 times per year. Either to get a new hairstyle or new hair color (high lights, etc..)

I can visit my family who lives outside the city and stay overnight or for the weekend.

I can go out anytime I want. Leave in the morning and come back at midnight.

I can sleep in for as long as I want.

I always have money to buy anything I want and desire. The word "window shopping" never existed in my vocabulary. I see it, I want it, I BUY IT.

I never had to worry about leaving "newly" baked foods or any kind of food on the counter.

I never had to keep the bathroom door closed, or the toilet lid down.

I can drag my feet when walking on our wooden floor anytime I want.

I can say the word BUNNY, RABBIT, KITTY, CAT and WALK without having to SPELL THEM OUT.

Spring cleaning meant cleaning my closet.

I can eat a bag of popcorn. ALL BY MYSELF.

My pockets contain keys/coins. My purse contains make up, wallet, a small bottle of cologne and my celfone.

I had privacy.

After the dogs...

My hairdresser sends "how are you card" which translates to "when are you coming back?"

I can't stay overnight at my relative's place. Not because the dogs need company. BUT BECAUSE I DONT WANT TO MISS THEM.

I have to schedule everything, making sure that "everything" else that needs to be done will not interfere with the dogs vet check up. Dogs are the top priorities. Everything else can be re-scheduled.

I am awake by 6am. Cain wakes up at 6am every morning and its pointless to stay in bed when a restless dog is making all sorts of noises just so I can let him out.

When I see something I want I contemplate on buying it. Unless its for the dogs. If its for myself, I need to check my bank account and see if after everything else I need to buy for the house and the dogs (food.. etc..) I will still have a few bucks to spare to get me that "really nice outfit." WINDOW SHOPPING is my favorite past time. I SEE IT, I DREAM OF BUYING IT.

I always have to check if there's any food on the counter that ABEL might be interested to eat.

The bathroom door is always closed. I happen to have dogs who eat toilet paper for snacks.

I always have to walk like a NINJA. Because I dont want to wake up the dogs who are napping on the floor.

I am now an expert at spelling words in hopes that the dogs wont understand what I am trying to say to DH. Any accindental mention of the word "BUNNY" leads to a pair of dogs searching the entire house for one.

Spring cleaning means cleaning up thawing poop in the yard. Grossest day of the year.

Eating popcorn means I will have to share. I dont mind this so much. I love sharing popcorn with my crew. =)

My pockets contain kibbles, dog treats and poop bags. I remember the look the cashier gave me once when i handed her coins mixed with a few kibbles. My purse contains poop bags, small dog toys, some treats, kibbles and camera (THIS IS A MUST-HAVE!)

PRIVACY. I dont even know what this word means anymore.


They made us happier, healthier and nicer people. I cant imagine going back to the days BEFORE we had them. This thread made me realize how boring my life used to be. Now, everyday is exciting. I get to go to places I never knew existed. I know every dog parks in our city. I know every rescue and shelter. Walking was never this fun before. The dogs are the perfect excuse when we want to leave a boring party. "We have to go, the dogs need to be let out.. fed.. etc.." Or not go to a place BECAUSE NO ONE can look after the dogs. (One of my favorite excuse!)

oh, and one more thing..

I got to join the coolest forum (for me!) in the world. Where I can learn more about raising dogs, training dogs and a place when I can vent about my frustrations. The dogs enabled me to meet alot of amazing people here. People I wont be able to meet if NOT for the dogs. :D

So thank you CAIN, ABEL & XENA. The three of you definitely add life to my otherwise boring existence. :D
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100% true lol. With Elvis, we have to spell out TONS of things. He knows walk, ride, squirrel, bath, leash etc. He gets really hyper at the mention of any of those things. But I wouldn't trade it for the world. Dogs are awesome.
Great Post ! Especially the last paragraph . It does alter your life but mostly for the better.
My dog is such a sweet old soul...

I can sleep as long as I want, and I still always get up before him! LOL

He isn't like most dogs and puppies, and he isn't much work.

But he sure gives me so much joy... I'd be lost without him.
Great post Mudra. yep, I'm up around 5 am to make sure i have time to get everyone's yee haws out before i go to work so of course everyone expects to get up then even when i don't have to work *sigh*. Before my three i had plenty of $ to supplement my wardrobe and keep my boys in "cool" clothes. Now I have two boys squaking about having no shorts that fit Hmmnnnnn :confused: My wardrobe is hurtin too lol, Of course the dogs have all the "cool" toys and the very best food and vet care on demand LOL. Can I help it if shopping for the dogs who're always so happy to see me (much nicer too) is more fun than shopping for two teenaged boys?
Haha. I don't think since the dogs my life has changed at all. Except if I leave the house for more than 2 hours I always feel guilty, like somehow they're possibly suffering without me being there.
I've had dogs my whole life so I don't know what it's like without them

my first dogs were a GSD named Bruiser and an English Springer Spaniel Named Bandit then once they passed away my parents bought Jack and you all know the story from then on.
Actually, same here. I had a GSD/Sheltie/Golden mix type of dog when I was born, and she was replaced when she died (when I was nine years old) by a Miniature Schnauzer who lived until I was nearly twenty-six! Of course, by then I had already moved out, and had numerous dogs of my own. So, I too, really don't know life without a dog. I still travel (I've been to every state except Alaska, Hawaii, and maybe one or two others, and I have lived overseas). My dogs simply share the experiences with me! :)
This thread was put perfectly by all. I am new with my 2 puppies, but they have been a blessing. I cannot imagine not having them around. I am always thinking of how to "fit" them in those things I used to do, or wanted to do.

I have had people tell me they have seen a positive change in me. AND my 19 year old sat on the couch with me, Coco and Aoki and said "I love them mom, they have made thing's so good around here and for some reason I feel like we are closer" - - Now that was a great moment that was so true.

Having to tell my teacher that my dog really did eat my homework and handing him the spat up, chewed on, and shredded remains of my worksheet.

Waking up at 4:30 a.m. to stand out in the cold and praise and thank my puppy for his stinky poop.


Knowing that I had actually only completed half of the worksheet the night before.

Sitting down besides my dog and realizing that there was no place I'd rather be, and feeling like the happiest person in the world while he fliips over for a belly rub.

Going through a long day at school and and coming home to someone who couldn't be more genuinely excited to see me.

Feeling more accomplished than I ever have when my dog learns a new trick, or when he puts his head on my lap and falls asleep.
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My pockets contain kibbles, dog treats and poop bags. I remember the look the cashier gave me once when i handed her coins mixed with a few kibbles
LOL!!!! Yes, I'm the same way! How many times have I thrown a pair of jeans in the wash, only to find they come out looking WORSE than before, thanks to the handful of kibble I left in the pockets!?

Bandit will actually dig through my laundry nowadays because he's so certain there MUST be kibble in there, somewhere.
*spend $100 grooming
*stay up till wee hours of morning
*spend extra time styling hair
*enjoyed having a clean truck
*laughed a lot less
*hated waking up in morning
*hated coming home to empty house

*spend $100 on grooming
*get up at wee hours of the morning
*spend extra time brushing fur
*enjoyED having a clean truck
*not a day goes by that I dont laugh
*hate waking up in the mornings (a bit less)
*love coming home to my dog

Getting my dog was the best thing Ive done. Not only has he just been a joy (and a trial at times) but he has really changed my life. I have a more active lifestyle, dont stay out till all hours of the night and laugh ALOT more. He's my best bud.
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Heheh, dog stuff in pockets, yup! Hmm bits of treats, very likely a poop bag (empty!), maybe a tab leash if it's after class. I washed a poop bag the other day! Not to mention the back seat of my car looks like a disaster area/toy box.
haha yeah i go out wearing a hooded sweatshirt with my keys, treats, various poop bags in the pockets and i end up looking pregnant.

a big pro about being a dog owner is she gets me off my butt to go walking. especially now that its nice outside...
The only con is picking up poop. :p
I dont really mind picking up the poop... what I consider a PITA is the spring cleaning.. thawed poop is the grosses thing on earth.. ;)
My pockets contain kibbles, dog treats and poop bags. I remember the look the cashier gave me once when i handed her coins mixed with a few kibbles.

Yeah - Any leftover treat pieces from a training session end up dried up in my pockets and I forget about them. Then when I pull out something, invariably, the treat leftovers come out.

Nothing like pulling out dried up ham, roast beef, deli turkey, hamburger, hard-as-a-brick "used to be semi-moist" treats.

Spring cleaning means cleaning up thawing poop in the yard. Grossest day of the year.

PRIVACY. I dont even know what this word means anymore.
Oh yeah, the poop thing is why Wally is not allowed to poop in our yard. He has his poop spots (yeah I have to walk to them, but hey, I'd rather walk and pick up than deal with what you describe...)

Privacy? Yeah...if privacy means walking 10 feet without eyes staring at you wondering where you're going, are you coming back, did you bring back some food? Then maybe.

Going in another room? Only if the door is closed or I say "stay" to freeze him and let me "escape" :D

Never mind the canine 3rd degree I get upon return. Where were you? Who did you meet? What did you do? What did you touch? What's that smell you brought back? LOL
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LOL, Mudra! Great post! I can relate to just about all of it.

Cons for me:
-Can't think of too many. Having her does mean we're home more than we have been our whole lives, but having spent a lot of time travelling for work, it's nice to have a break.

I like finding kibble in strange places. And poop bags and slobbery toys. I don't even mind when she drops the big black kong on my head while I'm sleeping because she wants a treat. Or when she takes up 1/3 of the bed diagonally so that neither of the humans gets a contiguous 1/3 share of the bed without becoming a contortionist or putting on some serious yoga moves.

- She's beautiful, cute, furry soft...yada, yada - all the usual stuff.
- Dogs are the funniest creatures and the most fascinating to live with
- Greetings. No one I know is that happy to see me after I take a 2 minute trip to the mailbox without her.
- No matter how tired or down I am, she's not. That is such a booster shot for me.
- I can be silly with my dog and she thinks it's fun. Humans just think I'm strange. I'm ok with that.
- She is such a hoot to train. She learns most things pretty quickly (although roll over is a complete non-starter for her). It's fun watching her work something out.
- She's such a contradiction. On the one hand she's totally predictable...open zip loc with the cheese in it, she comes running. On the other hand she manages to surprise me every day. How fun is that?
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Just want to re-share =)
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