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Professional Clippers

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I am a dog groomer and have always used Oster Clippers am now finding that the blade head is always coming loose. Have regularly been oiling and greasing them but still the blade head becomes loose. Can anyone recommend another make that is more man for the job, need heavy duty reliable clippers, as going through a new pair every 3 months and not satisfied with the Oster A5 now. I would be interested in other groomers opinions on this subject Thanks :confused:
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Andis AGC 2 speed clippers :-D I have the red ones and love them!
I second that.. Hate Oster's here...and will not use em..a client gave me a brand new pair of A5's...guess where they are going...yep....Ebay. Heavy, too much maintenance, and HATE those blowholes that blow the slivers of hair all over my face. Andis are SO easy to maintain..Oil the blades, and every month or so, replace the $4 blade drive...no greasing....no hot clippers, no vibrating so bad they kill your hands, and they have the power to get thru anything.
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