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Products to prevent chewing

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My dog loves to chew on the fringe of the throw rug and has just started to try to pull up the rug by the front door. Is there a product that I can spray on these areas to discourage his biting at them?
Is there something I can mix up at home?
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I hear there is a "Bitter Apple" spray you can purchase. I once used a product called "No" .... I found it at a pet supply store. It stopped a Lab mix pup from chewing up everything in sight! Lol! :)
I used the Bitter Apple. The thing is, with these products, they do wear off pretty quickly. So if you're not careful to reapply them often, they won't really work. The dog will realize that sometimes that horrible taste is there, and sometimes it isn't, and he will keep chewing the carpet.

A better bet, in my book, is to train him not to do that. The thing is, its not as easy as using a product :)
You need to keep your eyes on him, like all the time. If you can't watch him, when you are sleeping or are gone, or are cooking or showering or doing a chore that keeps your eyes off him, then he should be contained some way, like in a crate, or an ex-pen that is AWAY from the carpet.

With your eyes on him, ANYTIME you see him even start to head to the rug/carpet, you distract him, either by asking him to do a command, or offer a toy, or a game. Do this ever time he heads that way, so that he NEVER has the chance to actually get to that area. Basically, you're just taking that option away. Chewing/pulling up the carpet/rug just (over time) disappears from his list of things that are fun to do, because you never let him do it.
You can also teach "leave it" in conjunction with managing where he's allowed to go.
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