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We have a dog run, attached to a dog door that comes into the sun room at the back. If it was totally cement, I wouldn't be as concerned but it's at the moment dirt/straw and even so with the weather they get nasty at times. Right now I have an xpen to keep them contained when they are inside and not wiped off, but it doesn't stay well.

I would like something a bit more sturdy - something that has a gate and won't get knocked down, but not something that is attached to the floor. I'm thinking stall mats with welded dog run sections on top, or possibly another option, like deck railing mounted to a wood base with the stall mats on top. Doesn't need to be ten feet high either.

Any suggestions? Would also like something better on the walls in that area, right now it's wood planking which is a pain to clean, requires a scrub brush and elbow grease as it's unfinished wood.

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