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This is NOT a dog that should be corrected. She has no clear idea of what you want. Truly.

It sounds like she has been punished unfairly in the past for going to the bathroom in the house (that is why she does this out of your sight).

1.) Get a crate big enough for her to stand up in and turn around it. Put her in it when you cannot watch her. Every hour take her out to go to the bathroom. When she goes to the bathroom outside, give her a good treat and tell her what a great dog she is. A good treat can be a piece of meat such as hamburger or chicken. It need not be a large piece.. dogs remember quality over quantity.

2.) Have her on a leash in the house and outside of the house. Never let her out of your sight. If you cannot watch her, put her in the crate.

3.) When you call her to you, give her something delicious and let her know she is wonderful for coming to you. Do not let her off leash outside.

4.) At night put her in the crate so she is not jumping all over you. Terriers are very energetic dogs. Expect to take her on lots of walks on leash. Play with her with a ball. Make a flirt pole and use it.

5.) When you first crate her she may cry and make a lot of noise. DO NOT let her out of the crate for making noise. Only let her out when she is quiet and immediately put a leash on her and get her out.

6.) Get her a nice raw meaty bone to gnaw on or a Kong or similar toy and stuff it with non fat yogurt and freeze it and then give her that to work on to keep her busy.

7.) Get yourselves enrolled in a beginner obedience class.

If she soils in the crate you either have left her in their too long OR she is the product of a situation where the dogs were kept crated in their own filth. Be aware that to train her to go outside may be challenging but if you are persistent and get her out frequently and reward heavily for going outside, she will get it.

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