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Probably asked before, but, would you like your dogs to talk?

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I sure as heck would not.... but every once in awhile I sure wish that I could read my puppy's mind.... She cries a lot and usually nobody can figure out why ( she is healthy ).....

She cries to go out and potty - sometimes.

She cries that our other dog won't give up her bone / toy to her

She cries because she is bored.

She cries when it is time for a meal and we're 5 minutes late..... it's amazing that way...

But she cries at times when nobody can figure out why..... when that happens I really wish I could read her mind. :)
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And I second what Abbylynn says as well... it would make when they feel sick so much easier and less stressful (for me) if I knew what the problem was.
Me too...

Last May I lost my Aussie. He had a tumor in his stomach. We had no idea until the day before that anything was wrong. The vet said that dogs, as pack animals, hide their sicknesses and injuries. If we had known sooner maybe he could have lived.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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