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Probably asked before, but, would you like your dogs to talk?

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I sure as heck would not.... but every once in awhile I sure wish that I could read my puppy's mind.... She cries a lot and usually nobody can figure out why ( she is healthy ).....

She cries to go out and potty - sometimes.

She cries that our other dog won't give up her bone / toy to her

She cries because she is bored.

She cries when it is time for a meal and we're 5 minutes late..... it's amazing that way...

But she cries at times when nobody can figure out why..... when that happens I really wish I could read her mind. :)
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Andy is a momma's boy. He would crawl in my skin and live in it, if possible. I think being privy to his innermost thoughts would disturb me.
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