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Privacy panelling options

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Hi all! Our new house has chain link all around, which is a first for Quill. Our last house had a section that he barked through, but it got to a point it was easy to deter his barking. For this one though, the neighbor has a dog, outdoor cats, and a kid...so I want to curb the barking before it has a chance to begin and not let Quill bother them.

I've been looking at chain link privacy paneling options and am overwhelmed. I have about 150' of fence that butts up to the street or neighbor's yard (the rest faces an abandoned building, so I'm not that worried about that section). Has anyone successfully placed privacy paneling to deter a reactive dog, and if so, what did you use? I'm looking for the cheapest option that is also providing the best concealment (aka, I'll pay a bit more for a quality product, but really don't want to spend a fortune if it can be avoided).

This is the one I'm debating right now: https://www.amazon.com/BOUYA-Chain-...in+link&qid=1564932461&s=gateway&sr=8-10&th=1

Would be about $140 for me to cover the yard, which isn't bad; but again, I just want to be sure it will actually do a good job keeping things out of Quill's view.
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Some of the greenhouse supply places might have similar screens a bit cheaper.

Other options are those bamboo screens from the garden center, but those might be pricier.

If you wanted to completely replace the chain link, you can get chain link with privacy slats already in the fabric. That would be the priciest option, I'd thing.
Thanks. Unfortunately, I live in a very small town so finding anything around here is unlikely. Ordering is probably my cheapest, best option.

And I'm renting, so replacing the fence isn't an option...otherwise I would definitely be saving up to put in new fencing! Any permanent house of mine will have a more private fence for Quill's and my sanity!
I came across several that sell online while checking out aluminum shade cloths.
I have been thinking about snow fencing on my one fence but what you posted looks like a better option or something like that. Thanks for the idea. I don't have chain link but should work on my wire fence as well and would be just the right height.
I've used something similar to that (same material, but perhaps a different brand?) to screen off a shelter play yard from view of the adjacent kennels. I will say that it is definitely better than nothing, but you can still see through it - especially when it's sunny out & the yard is back-lit. Putting two layers up would possibly give you better results (can't say for sure since we couldn't afford to get a second one) Anyway, just be aware that it's not a total sight block, although it might be sufficient for your purposes.
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