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Someone posted that dogs actually CANNOT hear you when they are engaged in a chase. Could someone elaborate on that or give a link to a website discussing that? If that is true, can it be trained out? And does it apply to other stimuli, like vibrating collars?

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USE the drive to train the dog.

Prey drive is very primal so the greater the prey drive the less likely the dog will respond when chasing game when not on thr field training obedience

Not all dogs have high prey drive.

Basic Drives are pretty much as follows:
Prey drive
Hunt Drive
Fight drive
Defense Drive
Food Drive
Pack drive

How those drives manifest in any individual dog and at what levels is genetic.

A dog that has BALANCE in drives still will have more of one or more drives than another.

These drives overlap each other with them trading places as to which one is in the forefront.

There used to be an EXCELLENT website that explained all this in detail. Sadly the website owner passed and the site disappeared.

You can suppress drives.. but in a high drive dog it will be like squeezing a tube of tooth paste.. that suppressed drive will come out and guaranteed it won't be something you like.
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