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I think she is showing fear aggression. The dog park may have a lot to do with developing fear aggression and your corrections have worsened it.
Basically, you started with a slightly nervous and unsure of herself dog. Then she went to a place where she was repeatedly attacked. She would normally look to her owner to keep her safe from a second attack, but to her confusion, you kept taking her to that place. So she figured out she needed to defend herself; make "preemptive strikes" by growling or snapping at other dogs to keep them away.
Then, you brought another dog into the home. A home that she didn't feel all that secure in to begin with and now there is this annoying creature taking her toys and harassing her. To top it off, it is a female dog and in breeds with a tendency towards dog aggression especially, same-sex pairings have a higher chance of aggression issues. female-female pairings tend to be the worst.

Steps I would take:
No toys or treats when the dogs are loose together. Only give toys and treats when Rowen can enjoy them in peace.

No more shock collar. Like explained above, she is associating the punishment with the dog, not her action towards it.

No more off-leash. Any dog showing aggression for ANY reason (fear aggression is still aggression even if the root causes and the fixes for it are different than plain old dog aggression) should NEVER be off-leash outside of a private fenced yard.

No dog parks (I think you have figured this one out :) )

Build trust. Lots of one-on-one positive training and bonding time. Try playing training games or finding an activity she really likes.

No meeting strange dogs on walks. On-leash meetings with strange dogs are stressful and serve no benefit for training the dog and have a high chance of failure (one or the other dog acting aggressively or any other negative action)
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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