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Preparing cheese bits as a tiny dog reward: freeze, dry, fresh?

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Clicker training here and want a tiny bit of cheese to use as high-value reward.
Only want 100% ched cheese, chopped into tiny bits, so no recipes, please.
How to best prepare/transport this?
Can I dry them on the counter or something? My past experience was oven-dried hot-dogs, but not for this dog. Cheese only. Seems messy though...any suggestions?
Thank you!
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I use string cheese and pinch off tiny bits as treats. Not as greasy, doesn't crumble and easier to slice than some cheeses if you need flat pieces that are easier to see in grass or something. I get it in huge packs cheap at Costco and been doing this for a very long time. So easy and all the dogs have loved it.

I think I've air dried cheese before but see above, been a while. How about cheese crisps? Look up recipes for low carb cheese crisps and just do cheese?
As I was getting out the usual string cheese I found thawed cheddar cheese, sharp from Costco. Cut as thin as possible and microwaved on a plate until melted. Tested with or without cooking spray, didn't seem to matter much. Currently blotting between paper napkins, will see if it is less crumbly than cheese cubes. I already know I am leaving it in a sheet so I don't fumble bits, hate polluting the training ground with treats. Not fair to the dog. Update after class if I still have a brain.

Update: Horribly greasy. Super easy to feed tiny bits and didn't crumble. Dogs love it but that's no test, these guys eat anything with great enthusiasm. Next time I'll try to make them crispy.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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