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So I went looking for a flea/tick preventative lately - we don't have a flea problem, but we do have a considerable amount of ticks where I am, and since our pup goes to the dog park a lot, I want her to have some protection.

So I went into the pet store the other day and picked up "Natural Defense". It smells good I think and seems to work well as a repellent. Well when I went to ask about it online I was completely chewed out, even by so-called "holistic" people who turn their nose up at everything, even vaccinations. They screamed at me that it doesn't work and it's just junk and said they prefer garlic rubs instead or Frontline Plus and why would I bother buying something like that when Frontline is proven safe. What's silly is some tried to convince me that a healthy dog with a strong immune system who is fed a good diet (raw, of course) would not get ticks or fleas naturally so no preventative was needed. (More mumbo-jumbo-rubbish about the raw diet being a "cure-all". Trust me, it won't keep ticks off your dog.)

Well I'm not a huge fan of unknown chemicals like Firpinol and pesticides going onto my dog but I guess I want something that works!

What do you guys use? Is it safe, and does it work?
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