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Prayers needed !!!

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I know this is not about dogs but....

My 4 year old granddaughter was rushed to the hospital tonight with a ruptured appendix and is having emergency surgery in a couple hours. I am worried sick about her and my daughter who is beside herself with worry. I can't get a flight to Vegas where they live till tomorrow. I have been wanting to fly down for a visit for ages but this is NOT how I wanted to go. Thankgod I have wonderful friends who are stepping in to help me pay for the flight (1248.00) and take care of my pets and house . So please pray that all goes well in surgery and she has a fast recovery, its gonna be hard to keep an active 4 year old down .
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Good thoughts to your granddaughter, and to the rest of your family in this stressful situation. I hope everything goes smoothly
UPDATE : I got to see her last night for a few minutes. She is in alot of pain but at least they got the alergic reaction taken care of. Poor babies face was super swollen and bright red and yet she STILL had a smile on her face when she saw me ! That smile was worth more money than I could ever count. She finally slept last night after a pretty rough day now if I can get my daughter to get some rest.

ANd thanks again for all the prayers and kind words !
From one grandma to (two) 4yr old grandaughters, thinking of both of you, praying too!
Glad to hear your Grandaughter is over the allergic reaction! :) I will still send some prayers your way for a quick recovery! .... for all of you!
UPDATE; she is coming home today she is doing so well. SHe has handled this like such a trooper. But she sure gave us a scare !

THANKYOU ALL SO MUCH FOR YOUR GOOD THOUGHTS, WISHES AND PRAYERS. I believe the power of prayer can do amazing things !! God BLess you all !!
YAY! Glad to hear things are going well. Time to relax and now you can enjoy your visit with your family.
Poor baby! I had that surgery at 17. You'd be surprised how soon she'll feel better. Give her a nice, gentle hug from me.
Great news! Yay!!! :D It will get better with each and every day!
That is absolutely WONDERFUL News!!!!!!
MY granddaughter told me today when we were talking about her surgery that she knew she was going to be ok, God was there with her and wouldnt let anything happen !! What wonderful wise words from my baby girl ! Dear Lord Thankyou !

This is what children get out of going to church and learning about religion at an early age !
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