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Prayers needed !!!

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I know this is not about dogs but....

My 4 year old granddaughter was rushed to the hospital tonight with a ruptured appendix and is having emergency surgery in a couple hours. I am worried sick about her and my daughter who is beside herself with worry. I can't get a flight to Vegas where they live till tomorrow. I have been wanting to fly down for a visit for ages but this is NOT how I wanted to go. Thankgod I have wonderful friends who are stepping in to help me pay for the flight (1248.00) and take care of my pets and house . So please pray that all goes well in surgery and she has a fast recovery, its gonna be hard to keep an active 4 year old down .
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Lots of positive healing vibes being sent your way!!!
Continued thoughts, prayers and healing vibes being sent her way.
That is absolutely WONDERFUL News!!!!!!
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