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HI. For various reasons I don't feel comfortable asking friends and family to pray for a dog but Gracie is having surgery tomorrow so I figured I'd ask some dog lovers.
Gracie has to have a blocked salivary gland removed. She's had a big soft lump on her neck since July. Our regular vet drained it once and we hoped that would be sufficient but it came back the next week.
It doesn't seem to bother her much but when they drained it the blockage had pushed up into her mouth under her tongue. Surgery really is the only choice.
My husband has been very reluctant to okay surgery because he was laid off in January when the shop he worked for closed. He'd been there almost 24 years. Luckily we were able to find an alternative to the first veterinary surgeon we were referred to, $3,600 - 4,500. Ouch. I'm aware of the mindset of don't have a pet if you can't afford it but hey, life happens. Our next choice (and I really think, better!) Comes in at $1,500 - 2,200 depending on complications.
I'm confident our new choice will do an excellent job, he says he learned the surgery from the vet who pioneered it. And yes he is older, lol. More experienced! But this has all been very stressful and I would appreciate the prayers for Gracie's swift recovery.
Thank you very much. Lori
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