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Hi, I have a 12 week old Chiweenie (mini dachshund and chihuahua mix). I have had him for 4 weeks. We are in the process of having him pad trained because he is too small to go outside yet. Some days, he wakes up and he will use the pad in the morning including for peeing and pooping. However, sometimes he refuses to use the pad and goes on the carpet or linoleum when we are not looking. I know he knows where he is supposed to go because he does it sometimes, however, I cannot get him to make it consistent and use it all the time. Sometimes, I will put him on the pad and say the training word "potty" multiple times. He will not go at that time, however he will walk off the training pad, walk 4 or 5 steps and pee and poop on the carpet.

We have tried potty training spray, "don't go there" spray, postive praise when he goes where he is supposed to using high reward treats and praises, and timeouts when he does not.

I need help and advice because cleaning poop out of the carpet is becoming tedious and hard to do.
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