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I have a rescued hound mix that is approximately 3 years old, he was around 1 when I got him. He’s always been weird when it comes to pooping on a leash, and at times has gotten better. I work days and my ex worked evenings and would not work with him and he would rarely potty with him so I normally came home to a mess. It was hard for him to obtain a routine. I have since moved and he has a yard that is not fenced yet so he is on a lead. First few weeks he did fine, even holding it until I got home of the evenings. But overall, it’s still not consistent and has worsened the last few weeks to the point he has even been peeing inside after being out for 30+ minutes. I have been putting him on a leash more to make sure he pees before I leave, etc. I reward him with treats when he goes outside and he is aware that he has done wrong when using the bathroom in the house. Any advice or suggestions?
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