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Potty Training

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I have a 5 month old Morkie who knows how to go outside & knows how to use the wee-pads but still will pee Right next to the pad & will still do #2 in out of the way places.

When he's scolded, he thinks we're playing! I've even picked him up mid-squat & carried him outside to make my point. Nada.

What else can I do? Wait for the warm weather?

Any suggestions? I'm all ears.
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Hi Harmony, if he pees right next to the pad, maybe try getting a bigger pad. Clean the area around it thoroughly so there's no scent left off the pad. Use a piece of pad to clean up and then put that piece in the middle of a new pad so he'd pick up the scent and hopefully do it on the pad next time.
When he does 'hit the target', be sure to give him a treat, pet him, and praise him. He'll want to keep you happy (and get praise and treats) so he'll get used to the pad.

As for the number 2, try to figure out when he needs to go and then lure him or carry him to the area where you want him to do it. When he does it in the right place, praise and reward him. Avoid scolding and punishment, it's counterproductive. This worked with my puppy, let me know if it works out for you.

And whenever you're able to take him out to do his business, do so, and again, reward and praise. Good luck!
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