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Potty Training!

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How do you potty train an indoor puppy, we will be potty training her outside soon, once she gets her last set of shots.

But I've never potty trained a puppy inside on newspaper before, so I need help!
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ok, thanks bright day. I guess I'll start letting her outside then, because it seems like she'd rather go out instead of in. and shes not really catching onto the whole crate thing anyways, or maybe I wasnt teaching her right, but I'll just start taking her out.
okay. I bought some "puppy training pads" today, and put them in her crate and it seems like she used it more then before.
I also took her outside on a leash in the front lawn and soon as she went in the grass she used the bathroom and was ready to go!
smart for a little pup!
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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