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Potty training question

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When I got Makita she was already using her potty pads. She has no accidents at home. Once a week, however, we go to my boyfriend's place. When we lay a potty pad down there she knows to pee on it, but she keeps pooping in the wrong spots! Does anyone have any advice for me? I've never potty trained a dog before. She went outside ONCE but refuses to since (probably cause she's so used to potty pads). Hmph.
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Puppies don't associate well. Being potty trained at home is great, but they don't understand that those rules apply everywhere else too.

You'll have to potty train from scratch at your boyfriend's place.

I'd ditch the pads and start taking her outside instead. You can start off by putting a pad outside in the potty area to encourage her to go there. Then eventually remove the pads so she's just going outside.
Now that it's getting warmer it'll be easier to ditch the pads. It was just too cold for her here in Ottawa so pads were the only option. Putting a potty pad down outside is a great idea! I'll get started on transitioning.
Your bf's place is another new environment for her and she probably does not understand that the pad is her training place there still. So yeah, you also have to teach her how to potty train at your bf's place.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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