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potty training older dogs? PLEASE READ!!

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i recently got 2 older dogs from a friend that just moved out of where she was staying and i took them because she wanted them to be with someone she trusted. the dogs are beagle dachshund mix and they are a year and a half old and are not fully potty trained.. she didnt start trying to potty train them until they were almost 8 months.. now they will go to the bathroom outside.. but they also go inside because they are used to it.. i now live where she just moved out of and i want to replace all of the carpet and everything in there but i dont want to do that till they are potty trained... my question is since they are so used to going in that house now will i be able to potty train them? will crate training them work? how do i go about doing this
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Treat then like puppies. Do Potty Training 101 with them. Confine them to 1 room or 2, crate when you aren't able to watch them. When you take them out say, "Go potty" or whatever you want. Praise and throw a party when they do potty outside. Put them on a potty schedule, every 2 hours (set a kitchen timer if you need to, I use my cell phone alarm.) If they do potty in the house, try to catch them in the act, pick them up and immediately take outside to let them finish outside, praise. The best thing to keep a dog from pottying inside the house is not to allow the chance to. Eventually they'll get it (my pup is 15 weeks, had since 10 weeks, she still hasn't gotten it) so don't panic if they don't figure it out right away.
It's actually easier to potty train adult dogs than puppies, because adults have the necessary physical development to hold it and know when they have to go. Just do Potty Training 101, clean up accidents with an enzymatic cleaner like Nature's Miracle and you'll be fine.

Also, thank you so much for taking in these dogs. I'm glad they have someone to look out for them who obviously cares a lot.
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