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Potty Training my puppy in an apartment

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I am a new user and joined this site because I am stumped on how to train my new puppy. We currently live in an apartment but will be moving to a house in a few months. We were initially going to wait to adopt a dog until we moved but we met this dalmatian puppy and fell in love. The problem is that I can't seem to get her to go potty outside on our walks. Even when I KNOW she has to go (shes been in a crate all night, she just ate or drank or she's acting like she's about to go) she will hold it until she can potty in the apartment. We put her in her crate at 10:30 last night, this morning my husband went to take her out before work (mind you she hadn't gone potty in the crate) and she wouldn't go. He then put her back in the crate and I took her back out later in the morning. I waited for an hour outside and she never went potty, as soon as we came back in though she snuck away to pee but she still hadn't pooped. I then drove her my mothers house who has a yard to see if I waited it out long enough if she would go. Sure enough 4 hours later she finally pooped and peed outside. I praised her and thought that we were moving in the right direction but when we got back to the apartment it was the same routine. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can encourage her to potty outside. I've tried the spray that is naturally supposed to elicit them to relieve themselves but that didn't work. I'm wondering if perhaps she doesn't want me to be right on top of her with the leash when she goes potty.
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The internet mainly says to use praise but she has never gone potty while outside on the leash so I have nothing to praise. Also she's gone potty inside while on the leash when I was turned around trying to find my phone before I took her out so it's not a fear of the leash itself.
When you take her out on leash, how long do you give her to go?

I also live in an apartment. Sometimes I have to stand out there FOREVER before she goes. I even have a chair outside to sit and wait if need be ( I have a back issue, can't stand for long periods of time)

If you can wait it out, she will go eventually, and when she does heavy praise, give treats. Basically make it a party to show her she did good :)
I've waited for over an hour. What's frustrating is that it is almost immediately after we come inside that she relieves herself. It's as if she thinks that she is supposed to potty inside after we go on a walk. I don't want to yell at her because I don't want her to be afraid to potty around me.
Yeah, don't yell. IF you catch her, interrupt her and take her right back out.

In an apartment house breaking is a pain IMO just because of the going in and out a lot and sometimes multiple times in the same hour.

When you do bring her back in, if you can, keep her leashed to you. Hook it to the belt loop on your paints or if long enough around your waist. Keep her by you and the moment you see her begin to even act like she is going. Take her back out.

If you're able to, keep her walking while outside. I'm not sure if 100% true, but from what I've heard movement helps move things along and gets them to go.
You have to be able to outlast the dog. You also can give her NO FREEDOM in the apartment. NONE. "She seaks off" is the clue. Hard floor ONLY and on leash inside as well as outside or crated. Use FOOD to reward her when she goes outside. The trick is to keep her on leash all the time and watch her all the time inside and interrupt her when she squats and get her outside (and yes, you may get pee of poop on you). Then reward profusely outside for finishing up.

If you are out there with the dog and nothing is happening you have to keep waiting. Patiently. Not a toe tapping will you hurry up annoyed waiting either. Dog will pick up on that and know you are impatient and be less likely to go. The trick is to outlast the dog....
Yeah, you have to outlast her. Super irritating, I know, but its the only way. You also have to very strictly supervise her. Seriously, no freedom! If you can't watch her 100%, she needs to be crated.

You can also try crating her immediately after taking her out for an unsuccessful potty trip. When you come inside, pop her in the crate. Wait 10 minutes. Take her outside again. Rinse and repeat until she pees outside, and praise and use food rewards. Make sure you have keys and phone and everything you need within easy access of you so you never have to take your eyes off her as you're preparing to go out.

If you catch her, interrupt her with a "Oops!" and take her directly outside to finish. Praise and reward, maybe a short play session to help with the "fun happens after potty outside!"

You might also try bringing a soiled pee pad or something else with the scent of her urine or stool outside to help encourage her to go outside more quickly.
Standing around never worked for me, but taking them for a short walk did. Gets everything moving faster.
I just want to update this in case anyone is ever having this same problem and lands on this post. It is week later and we have made SO much progress from when I posted this. Because she was holding it for such a long amount of time that it was unhealthy I decided to take a different approach rather than just waiting it out outside. I mentioned that I had this puppy potty spray that wasn't working but I decided to try using it again. Instead of spraying it on the ground however I sprayed it in the air in front of her nose repeatedly. It took about 2 hours but finally she peed outside. After getting her to potty outside once it was a breeze. She realized that going potty outside was what she was supposed to do. I can now take her outside on a leash and she will potty immediately. Thanks everyone for your advice!
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