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Potty training issue!!!

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Hello everyone! I potty trained my 1 yr old pom mix to go in my bedroom on puppy pads. He's potty trained just inside our room, and recently, I've been taking him outside to do his business when we walk in the morning. But now, when I let him loose around the house, he goes everywhere! I'm not sure what to do... maybe it's because the walk to the backyard is a long one. He's perfectly fine in our bedroom, but I would like to let him run around the house without worrying that he'll do his business everywhere. What do I do?! Thanks for all your help in advance.
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When he goes everywhere does he potty everywhere too? He might get confused since you first trained hm to potty in your room then now you're letting him potty outside. Give him some more time and keep a close eye on him so that whenever he is about to go, you'll see the signal and then take him out immediately. Just training and consistency. He'll soon get used to it.
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