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...Is this possible?

So I've had my first puppy for about 4 weeks now (she is now almost 12 weeks old) and she seemed to get the hang of potty indoors right away! She's a tiny Chihuahua.
She didn't 'quite' get the hang of puppy pads, BUT she is doing extremely well on one of those fake grass indoor potty systems. I'm not a spokesperson for the indoor potty systems but for me it has worked wonders. I'd say if pad training hasn't work, try the indoor potty system. There's a lot of criticism about it and lazy dog owners, etc. but I feel like the unique texture that the system gives (fake grass) really gives them a clear place to relieve themselves. The only thing is the clean-up. It's quite smelly when the pee has been collecting on the bottom. You also may need to buy two grass mates, because when you clean one you have to let it air dry. If you can't buy two, clean one and let it air-dry over night.

The pads still have some uses though. Since she sorta was trained on puppy pads since she was extremely young, she pees and poops on the pad when she's in her xpen (larger exercise pen that I leave her in when I am gone for long periods of time). I even made the potty area smaller and she gets it!

I have not had an accident after we trained her on the fake grass.

Now as she's getting older, and getting all her shots in May, she will be able to walk outside just fine. I'm wondering if it's possible that she could be trained both indoors and outdoors? I must admit, after reading some of the posts here I more and more appreciate how my little girl, Apple, is so easy-going. She already knows sit, down, and shake. I been clicker training her. She will obey unless she is overly excited like when she sees me when I come home from work or when she insists on play-time. I figure this is something that she will grow out of once she's out of puppy-hood toddler phase. ...

I'm hoping she doesn't get confused and regress once we start outdoors potty....anyone else have a dog that knows how to go both indoors and outdoors?
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