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Hello :)

My name is Debbie and I am the proud owner of a pair of 8 month old female pups. The rescue informed me that they are sisters, although they do not look alike. DNA testing shows they share much of the same breed mix, so I assume they have the same mother but different fathers.

I have owned other dogs in my life, but this is the first time I am training two dogs (alone) at the same time, so, the dynamic is different.

While they are loving and playful, there is behavior that I don't understand. At first, I attributed this behavior to their being puppies. But now that they are in the 8 month range, that explanation no longer floats as well.

The biggest issue I am facing is the intermittent use of wee wee pads. Most of the time, they use the pad. But occasionally they will pee on the carpet throughout the house. Mind you; they can go all day and longer using the pad. Then without explanation, they ignore the pad and pick a spot in the house.

My living quarters are rather crowded, and I don't know if this is contributing to the problem. They do get plenty of exercise; we spend an hour every day in the yard where they are free to run around. I've also made my second trip to the dog park for socialization. I probably don't leash walk them as much as I should and rely heavily on the pads for them to take care of their business. When I do leash walk them and give the command to "go potty" they don't. Instead they wait til we get home and then go on the pad.

I would appreciate any guidance you can offer to help me get them on the right track.

Thank you.

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Ok.....let me take a stab at some of this.....

First, 1 hour a day for exercise is not enough. Establish a walking routine. Example, my dog and I walk at least 3X each day, average distance is 3-5 miles total each day. We have had long days to cover an 8 mile trek. The daily walks last from 30 - 90 minutes each. We use multiple walking routes and are always adding a new path. This will give the dogs time to sniff, potty, exercise and do dog things.

The pee pads.......are only a crutch. If the dogs are relieving throughout the house, then gate the house. Restrict where they can go.

Take the dogs outside every couple of hours to eliminate. This is the time for the short walks. Train the "go potty" command. They don't automatically "know" the command.

Finally, I suggest to declutter your home.

If your dogs are not spayed, you need to prepare for their heat cycle. Their time is coming.

There are many methods to train housebreaking, "potty" command. These can include tethering, crating, frequency, gating, rewards........
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