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Potty trained dog doesn't want to pee outside?

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Asking this question for my parents:

They have a 6 year old Yorkie who has been house trained for about 5 yrs. Recently, she has decided that she does not want to use the bathroom outside. She'll go out and run around for a while, but then she'll come back in and use the bathroom in the house. She has also recently started urinating on my mom. Because she is not wanting to go outside, my mom is having to pick her up to take her. A few times that my mom has picked her up now, she has urinated all over my mom.

Any suggestions why she could be picking up this new behavior?
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Your mom should call the vet. Any sudden change in behavior can have a medical cause.

If there is no medical cause, did something happen outside that scared the dog? If she was sufficiently traumatized outside, that would completely explain her current behavior. Your mom will have to desensitize and counter condition the dog to the outside and then rehousetrain. But I'd go to a vet first.
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