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Potty Retraining

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I would like to know if anyone has some insight into this situation.

My dog now is 9 months old, shes out every hour for her relax time outside and for potty breaks. The thing is she prefers to do her potty times all over my carpet down stairs. Its very frustrating to be constantly picking up her poop or stepping in her puddles. I go through socks constantly because of her pee landmines she leaves on the carpet.

Ive steam cleaned the carpets thinking it would deter her if she couldn't smell her marks, but she still goes. She doesn't attempt to notify us she needs outside for potty breaks, and she is a very vocal puppy.

Suka does know shes in trouble when she goes in the basement, because when I catch her or confront her she tries to run off.

Any insight into how I can break her of these habits
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First, You should use a good enzymatic cleaner like Nature's Miracle to get all of the scent of out the carpet. Second, do NOT let her have free run of the house and supervise her at all times. Have her leashed to you and/or isolated in one room with you, if you cannot watch her then crate her or play pen her; you can also use baby gates to section off the house. If it's the downstairs she prefers, then downstairs is forbidden to her. The key to break her habits is to prevent them and redirect them. When you feed her, play with her, and train her, do it right on top of the accident spots. This will help show her the area is not a potty. Praise her a lot when she goes potty outside, and try not to get angry at her for pottying inside. When you see her getting ready to go, rush her outside and tell her to potty. As she becomes more reliable with housebreaking, you can do trial runs of short unsupervised free time and test her to see if she's ready for more free space. She basically has to earn her right to the house, and the better she does the more access she gets. Good luck, just stay consistent with her and keep to a strict schedule! :D
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