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I have a 2 1/2 year old old female chihuahua /cross.

She has never been perfect at house / potty training but recently she has completely regressed.

What I am doing:

(considering I'm am working)

I take her outside the moment she wakes and just before bed. When I am home I take her out on the hour.
She gets a long walk in the park everyday where she usually does her business.

If she comes to me at other times and seems anxious I will also take her outside.

I usually have to get up once or twice during the night when she comes to me and I take her outside. She
almost always does her business on these occasions.

If she does her business outside I reward her with a treat.

I do not scold and will not consider it!

I have noticed on the occasions where I take her outside and she does nothing that she expect to be treated
and waits beside the treat cupboard.

I don't like to use in door doggy mats but I have been forced to use them as of late. She will pee on these
mats but not anything else.

I must have failed her training somehow but I have read lots of doggy advice literature on the web and
I am not sure what I'm missing.

Any tips or ideas appreciated.

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A vet visit to rule out things like a urinary tract infection or the like is the first place to start. If everything comes back okay, then going back to basics is the best option.
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