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Can we post video's??? Short clip ones that last 25seconds, that is... ????????

We are had a really good snowfall here today... and i let sasha out onto the balcony... her 'n kristin played out there off 'n on and i took 3 video's 2 of them and 1 of just sasha... and she was having a blast... the balcony is 4ft wide by 9ft long with a 4ft railing. the snow got trampled pretty good, then more snow fell, and she went back out and that new snow got trampled... she went potty*#1 type* out there twice and got rewarded with a couple of puppy milkbone treats per time... She isn't allowed out without an adult/occupant of apt with her.. however, i was on other side of the closed sliding door with blind's open and when i would see her go potty, i would quickly get 2 treats outta the cookie jar, and go out and praise her 'n give 'em to her... she was out there for 2 hrs off 'n on all day today.... and she loved to play and chomp at the snow*falling and already on balcony*... her 'n a squirrel eyed each other - squirrel on the drain pipe, sasha on balcony -- lol.... she went still and had a quizzal/puzzled look on her face **at least i think so, i couldn't see her face but her head was tipped to the side like "what are you"**

But anyways if anybody could let me know if we could, i would greatly appreciate it... post short 25sec video clips that is... Thanks...
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