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New to the forum and was hoping i can get some opinions. My dog had his first seizure about 3 weeks ago. The seizure was very "text book" (stretched out swimming motions and distressed sounds) and lasted about a minute with about another minute to recover back to normal. The vet explained seizures extensively to me and we ruled out any obvious causes with blood work and an exam. i was told to now observe any other behavior that is abnormal or any additional seizures.
Last night i was awoken by the same distressed noises. by the time the noise woke me up and i went to check the dog i unexpectedly found him in an extremely hyper and excited mood. no aggression or disorientation. the only other think i observed was a 15 foot trail of urine dribble and a small puddle at the end. the hyper activity is not normal for him at that time of night.
In my research i have found it is very common in the post- ictal stage to be disoriented, tired and shy. can hyperactivity be a post-ictal symptom? any feedback or thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you.
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