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Hi. I was wondering if anyone in here has had experience with their dog having bladder surgery. My dog had bladder surgery on Saturday due to several large stones in her bladder and even one too big in her urethra. After, she still was not urinating on her own and we could not figure out why. Finally, they found that there is fluid every where on her abdomen and the urine is leaking in her abdomen. There is a leak in her bladder. They are checking now to see how big the leak is and if it needs surgically fixed or could heal on its own. This is critical because she can die from the fluid in her abdomen if it isnt controlled. My question is
Has anyone had a dog that has had a leak in their bladder? Was the surgery successful or did you manage it a different way.
We are about $10,000 in with this dog (she had spinal surgery 3 years ago) she is my life though so putting her down is my VERY last option but I of course dont want to put her through something that could possibly not be successful and cause her more pain.
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