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Thanks everyone!!

Yeah I had to improvise with the jump set up. Next time I think I'll use a plastic shovel just to be a bit safer. Marge really likes jumping and stuff like that, though, so I think she'll really enjoy agility class. I'm really excited too.

The neighbor's Basenji is an interesting dog. He loves his people but is otherwise very aloof. Even with Marge, who he likes, I had to really pump them up to get them to chase each other. They had fun, though. I LOVE when Marge gets to have play dates. :)

Next round of pics will feature Marge and her new bright orange hula hoop... I'm trying to introduce her to novel items so that agility goes smoothly. And, of course, she loves jumping through things so she has fun with it.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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