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Possible Stray -- What Should I Do?

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I took the boys on a walk today and we came across a dog just wandering around: no collar or tags, looks a bit shaggy as if he hasn't been groomed in a while. I was hoping he'd follow us home, but he didn't, so I continued home with the boys.

Now I'm worried about this guy, and I'm planning to go back and look for him, this time with an extra collar and leash. What I want to know is this--what do I do if I find him? Should I knock on doors and see if anyone knows him? I know I'd need to get him checked for a microchip. I'm a bit worried if he has an owner, because he had bad eye boogies and poo caked on his bum. It doesn't look like he's had a lot of care.

Should I keep him separated from my dogs while I search for his owner? He was friendly enough, and the dogs all greeted each other nicely, but I don't want him to pass anything along to my pups.

Suggestions would be appreciated.
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I would definitely ask around to neighbors, they might either know who the dog belongs to or be able to tell you if he's been hanging around the area a while. If you don't have any luck with that, I'd take him to your vet to be scanned for a chip and then call in a found dog report to AC. When I found a dog last year I emailed them a picture. I would also check craigslist and post flyers. If you think he'll be staying with you for more than a day or two while you look for an owner, I'd also pick up a capstar for fleas and a dewormer from the vet. You probably should keep him separated from your dogs, but I found that to be easier said than done, and after I got the stray I found de-flead I ended up letting my dogs around her.
I just got back from looking for him without success. I'm going to look again later. I'm worried about this poor guy.
I carry an extra leash around on walks just in case I run into a stray.
I would look for owners. Some one has to be missing him. Poo and matted doesnt necaseraily mean a dog who doesnt have loving owners. You wouldnt believe how many dogs come in our shop matted and got crap stuck to them, with caring loving owners, who just dont know any better, or their dog is to "agressive" for them to actually bathe and or groom.

Yesterday I my boyfriend and I were driving to go see my grandpa in the hospital. when we looked in the rear view mirrow we saw a collie CHASING us. We pulled over, and I knocked on tons of doors until I finally found some one who knew who she belonged to. Dog was very dirty and matted looking to me, but she had a home and doesnt mean she isnt loved.

I carry an extra leash around on walks just in case I run into a stray.
I always try and remember to do that. offcourse I always forget lol. Lucky Blaze is wonderful offleash, so if I need to and have done it before. I use his leash and make him walk beside me offleash.
Call animal control. It is their job to pick up stray animals. I know you want to do what is best by the dog, but you need to think of yourself and your pets, too. I consider this thread to be a cautionary tale.
I remember telling everyone on here about the adorable black and white Shih-Tzu I found in a rich neighborhood... I took it all over the neighborhood and one family was kind enough to tell me it lived at *that house*. So I took it over there, kids answered the door, I handed them dog and left... Come to find out he was "let loose" to wander the neighborhood!

I remember telling everyone here about that, I got chewed out for it from several people. ; ) "Maybe that wasn't his home!" "Maybe those kids just took the dog and it didn't belong to that house?" "You shouldn't have trusted them," "Maybe the kids just said it was their dog because they wanted one!" blah-blah-blah... Anyway, I think it was the right thing to do, and to this day if I found another stray I'd do the same thing.
The cautionary tale is what I'm always afraid of. It is hard to believe the dog was even CRATED while it did all that. I wouldn't leave any strange dog alone in the house. It is good for all of us to have a plan should we find a stray. Suggestions: 1. Animal control/shelter 2. Have a safe place in the yard or outside your home that is safe and comfortable to keep a stray if you plan to bring it home.

You also have to worry about any diseases they might have or parasites that could be passed on to your animals. One lady I know rescued a cat, left it at the vet to get a check-over and brought it home. Soon her house was full of mites. She had to throw away all her furniture, bedding and pillows. She thought the vet would have found and treated them. Obviously, that didn't happen.

It's not that I haven't also brought home a stray, but always do so with caution. Fortunately the last one was a 12 week old miniature maltese that wasn't a problem. His owners quickly identified him and I got him back home.
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