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Possible SA problem can't tell

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My almost 4 month old husky mix has seemed to develop on odd new behavior. Whenever I leave, or even have a door separate us, she paws at the door and whines which sometimes escalates into a very anxious bark but not always. She has toys and gets good exercise. She also follows me around all around the house. This is a very new behavior and I'd like to nip it in the bud to not cause further problems. The only reason I'm not 100% sure it's separation anxiety is that we just moved which involved me leaving a week in advance to move and set everything up. Anyway
I read the sticky above about it and today have done work "hiding" behind the door. I guess that's all I can do besides bumping up the exercise more. Any more suggestions?
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I do not think that's anxiety,....I thinks that's seperation obnoxiousness....
My guess is that she is too young for SA, but her actions may get into that as she grows older. I am not sure what the books say on this. Maybe providing a stuffed Kong or bone when the door is closed. So that you are not the only object that can provide entertainment.
Huskies are a pack breed. It could very well be seperation anxiety. My male had severe seperation anxiety when he was a puppy and chewed THROUGH walls. You can try to kepe him busy when you leave (like have different toys/bones) available for when you leave.
You can try freezing peanut butter or wet dog food into a kong and give that to him before you leave- as that will keep him busy trying to get the dog food out...

Good luck!
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