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Possible new pup

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She's the brindle on the left, looks like a Dutchie mix, they say with gsd but she's 11 months old and 50lbs. She was in a shelter for 3 on the and is now in a foster home and her foster mom makes her sound perfect, quick learner, crate and potty trained, loves car rides, bot reactive. She's a bit skittish with new things, but considering her background I'm not surprised
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Probably not a Dutchie/X, but I would recommend doing a DNA test if you want to be sure and before calling her that. She looks very stout and broad chested, like a bully/X (also shape of chest, muzzle, rounded ears, etc.). But I could be wrong on both counts and a DNA test is a better way to evaluate. Very very cute though!

Reactivity can be a real challenge to deal with. For dogs with severe reactivity (ex. reacting at every dog or person they see), it can really cause anxiety in the owner and limit where they can take their dog. Training can help, of course. But it is definitely a journey that can take months, not just something that will go away with love and obedience. I generally steer first time dog owners away from dogs with severe reactivity, but knowing nothing more about you or this dog... I wish you the best of luck with your decision!
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I meant not reactive, sorry. I have a reactive dog and don't want another. Ive been working with her for 3 years and have seen improvement, but i definitely have to be caregul. I was a trainer at Petco and have worked with the trainers at the Oregon Humane Society.
I know she probably isn't a Dutch shepherd but that's what they're calling her and it sounds like she's got some herder tendencies. I meet her on Monday and intend to DNA test her if I get her.

Another pic of her Mammal Vertebrate Dog Canidae Dog breed
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She's pretty. I'd be more inclined to go with GSD or ACD x bully-type dog than Dutchie mix.
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