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Possible Neglect Issue?

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Well I have an issue and I don't know who to contact or what I should do about it. I live in Las Vegas in an apartment with two other roommates and they adopted a pure-bred Shelti puppy almost 2 months ago. My roommates don't have animal experience so I was pretty hesitant when I saw them buy the dog. The dog is currently four months old and seems very healthy and they have been Kennel Training him since they got him. From day one it sorta just seemed like he was just some cute thing that they bought not realizing how much work a dog takes.

They have been leaving him in his Kennel for 6 hours at a time while they are both at work. From about 4:00pm to 10:00pm. I have offered to let him out during those hours because I am home from school during that time period, but they have absolutely forbidden me from doing that. Well, I was doing it anyways. I am not an animal expert but I have had dogs my whole life, and I don't think that the dog should be held in a cage for that long. So now they are locking the door with the puppy inside the room in a cage while they are at work. Also on top of that, they sleep for about 9-10 hours leaving the dog in his cage for the entire length of time. So thats about 15-16 hours a day that he is in his Kennel. AND on top of that the amount of time that he is in his Kennel while they are at home.

So is it healthy for the dog to be in the kennel for that much? What should I do if it isn't? I know this isn't my dog but I just feel like this is absolutely wrong, and I have no idea what to do about it. They will not listen to me no matter what I say, saying that their vet and dog trainer said that it isn't unhealthy for him but I feel like they are just trying to pull one over me.

Thanks for any help you might have,
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Poor dog. Based from what you said, their pet is not getting enough exercise. Of course, too much of something is not good. The dog is in the kennel most of the day. Luckily you are there to let him out once in a while. Maybe you can talk some sense into them considering that you are a dog person. Good luck to you then!
Well, I can't let him out anymore because now they are locking the door so that I can't get to him. I mean, is this something that I should be reporting?
A dog four months old needs to relieve himself about every four hours. That, alone, makes it cruel and unreasonable to keep him in there for so long.

Your problem, though, is a people problem, not a dog problem. You have room-mates who shouldn't have a dog. I doubt that animal control would consider this animal cruelty and your room-mates apparently have little regard for your opinion. I would find it impossible to live with people like that, but you may not have a choice.
It doesn't sound like the dog has good owners, and it sounds like you don't have good roommates. I don;t know what you can do. Have they said why they have forbidden you form spending time with the dog while they are away? Maybe you could reason with them if you knew their reasoning. I can't imagine what it is, but in their own minds they must have a reason. Is there another person that they will listen to?
Yea, I don't have good roommates. The reason why I moved in with them was because they pay bills on time and what not. But I have tried and tried and tried to reason with them. We actually got into a semi fight about it because they don't see anything wrong with it and refuse to hear anymore about it. They absolutely will not let me take the dog out while they are at work. I think part of it is, they are 22-23 years old. They want the dog to be "their" dog and they don't want anybody moving in on what's "theirs". The dog seems to be getting more and more insecure with going outside as time goes on. Thanks for the help guys!
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