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Possessive agression towards other dogs.

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As much as I'd love to say I have the best dog in the world, truth is.. I don't. Haha.

Koda (my year old **** hound, heeler, collie, pointer mix) is submissive around other dogs, which I really don't mind. Makes meeting some dogs a little easier, no aggression in first meeting.

She is VERY stubborn, with a ton of attitude. Sometimes (not as often as before) when you call her she'll just kind of lay there and look at you like "you've got to be kidding right?"

When she gets to chasing another animal it's very hard to break her focus, and she doesn't like to retrieve her toys. She has no problem doing it inside. But when we are outside, she'll bring them 10-20 feet away from us and then lay there. Expecting us to go get them from her... That's not how fetch is supposed to work.

BUT HER BIG PROBLEM IS... If we are outside, and there are toys (fribees, bones, balls) she becomes super possessive and even aggressive. She's been in a fight or two at the field over her frisbess. Its mostly with dogs she doesn't know. But... WHAT CAN I DO TO BREAK HER OF IT?? ANY TRICKS?! I'm to the point where I won't let her play if other dogs are around, and she really enjoys playing with other dogs... as long as they don't get ahold of her toys.
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She's not stubborn or filled with attitude, she just isn't fully trained. Recall takes a long time to train and has to be done properly.

The same thing with fetch. No breed in her mix is a natural retriever, so it's something that will need to be trained. Inside, she'll do it because inside is a bit boring. Outside, however, is super exciting, so why do this fetch weirdness when she can enjoy the sights and sounds and smells of outside?

As to her resource guarding, that's pretty normal with dogs. Most dog parks forbid toys and treats for that reason. I would personally not allow her to be in that situation in the first place. Set up play dates where she can play with other dogs without toys instead. Someone else may have some ideas on the training aspect, but the more you allow a dog to practice a behavior, the more the behavior gets reinforced. So until you can work on it, don't let it happen in the first place.
I would love to hear what some others have to say about this. Ours likes to jump up and grab his bone/water/etc if even the cat walks through the room!
We have the same problem with Oliver. He loves to play at the dog park, but we have learned not to bring any toys out unless he is the only one there. He loves to play with the frisbee. But one time I threw it and another dog at the park got hold of it. Oliver stated growling at him and pulled the frisbee away. He was obviously not willing to share his favorite toy.
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