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Poor little puppy (new pics)

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Another tough week for Bunk. First he gets neutered, then he's not allowed to do anything fun because of the surgery, then he has explosive diarrhea, then he catches a cold. Worst part is that he is now teething so I'm getting attacked by his mouth every five seconds :doh:

Oh well, at least it's the weekend so he and I can play with his new Squirrel Toy :)

New Pics!
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Bunk is a cutie. I enjoyed looked at your pictures of him.

Aidan has that toy. When he got used to the joys of taking out the squirrels (and hiding them all over the place), I stuffed it with other toys. Now I put a treat in the bottom of the heap of whatever is in it to add to the allure.
Glad to hear that. He's really liking it so far and leaves the everything soaked in drool after about 30 minutes of playtime.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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