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Poor little guy, lol!

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Every once in a while, my boyfriend's mom buys Basil these funky dog treats. I know her heart is in the right place, and I appreciate the gesture, but these things are NASTY! They're assorted animal pieces (couldn't tell you what part exactly) that look as though they've been sitting in a tub of preservatives for quite a while. The parts that are "edible" are sort of a translucent orange, yuck! :p Well, just to be polite, and to make my BF's mom happy, I let him chew on them a bit and then throw them away. I figure, were moving in a week anyways and he won't be eating any gross animal parts at our place, what's the harm in a little junk food just for the sake of a peaceful relationship with my BF's mom? (This particular relationship is rather strained as is.)

Anyways, so I was upstairs cleaning my room with Basil, as he munched away at one of those dog treats. This one in particular looked to be that ball shaped hip joint from a cow or something. As I was supervising him and cleaning, I suddenly here a large CRACK! And Basil coughed up a piece of bone. Immediately I scoop up the bone and the shard and toss them in the trash, which is in our closet. I resume cleaning, only to hear Basil rummaging around in the closet trying to retrieve his bone! After I shut the door, he then proceded to whine and scratch at it. I didn't realize how attatched he was to that nasty bone! He's currently hunkered down by the door glaring at me, lol! I guess he'll just have to get used to chewing on hooves again! Silly little dude :)
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LOL But actually a nice raw meaty bone would be better than either of those choices unless, of course, you have a source of freshly trimmed hooves.
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