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Is there anything I can put on a hardwood floor to deter my 9 mos old Shih Tzu from "pottying" there? She is fairly well potty trained, as long as she can't get into the "Sitting Room". If that door is open, and I can't see her, she will go in, and pee or poop as necessary. I've scolded her, and taken her immediately outside, but she'll do it again. If that door is closed, she'll come to me, and bark, and if I don't immediately respond, she'll jump on my leg or paw my pants to tell me she has to go. I take her out, and praise her "big time". BUT if the sitting room door is open, she won't bother to ask to go out. She'll even go so far as to go upstairs (if I forget to put up the gate)if Iam downstairs with her, and 'potty" in the sitting room.
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