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Poop talk!

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I have a question and am open to suggestions! I’ve been feeding our dogs Orijen (rotating between flavors) for most of their lives. Sporadically I have put them on raw for varying lengths of time, but it gets to be a lot of work and expense. They do well on both diets as far as energy and coat/skin health, but on the Orijen one of our dogs poops (from the looks of it) just as much as he eats! They’re always firm and normal, just huge! He’s 65 pounds and very lean. I only feed him 2 cups a day, and don’t want to reduce it any more because I don’t think he should loose any weight. When he’s on raw, poo size and frequency is dramatically decreased. I haven’t really tried switching their food because I like Orijen’s ingredients. Does large poo necessarily equal poor digestion? Should I experiment with other dry foods, suck it up and go to raw or am I just worrying too much!?


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Probably worrying too much. :)
If he's eating and drinking good and the vet gives him a clean bill
of health, leave his diet alone.
A lot of people strive to have their dogs poop "firm and normal", me
included for one of my dogs. Don't mess with it.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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