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Hello, my husband and I adopted what we believe to be half pit bull and half boxer dog that is approximately 2 to 3 years old. He was in the humane society for several months before we got him. They had him on anti anxiety medication and after about five days, he stopped taking them. He now only shows anxiety when on a walk or when either my husband or I am in the pool. He started by circling the pool barking. Now that he is more comfortable, he jumps in and comes right at us with his paws. He scratches us and has to be turned away. It's almost as though he is afraid we are drowning. He has learned a lot in the last 3 weeks, and seems perfectly happy. He has learned to sit, come, stay, no licking, all done, etc. But we are very unsure what to do about this pool thing. He seems quite smart and able to learn, but we aren't sure what to do to teach him we are okay and that he doesn't have to save us. Does any of this make sense? Any help we can get is much appreciated.
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