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I will have to tell the whole story. I have a Mini poodle. The day after the breeder dropped her off (she was then 5 months old) she was at the vet's - skin rash, eye and ear infections. The breeder tried to say it was something to do with the vapours from my pine tree but I don't buy that. Ever since, she has had almost constant rashes.

She has not enough tears in her left eye. That is one of the problems with her eyes. She has been on various antibiotics, probably every couple of months. Up to now, the vets have thought it was an allergy to something or other. My regular vet says she, herself, has environmental allergies but she doesn't know exactly what she is allergic to.

I bought 100 percent cotton sheets and washed them in water only. We only have carpet on the stairs. We have a leather sofa in one room but there are also upholstered chairs that she sits on and whatever -- she still seems to get this rash on her belly and in her armpits. She has been on Hypoallergenic HP food for several months. For the first 8 weeks she had no treats -- nothing but the food. HP stands for hydrolized protein where the protein molecules are broken into such tiny portions it can't affect the dog -- something like that!

I have a new vet and she took a sample from one of the pustules on her belly and sent it to the Veterinary Medicine School in Saskatoon for analysis. It came back as a bacterial infection and so she thought that it may be just an infection that hasn't been hit hard enough. So she is on Clavaseptin for at least a month and also she has to have a bath in Hexadene (chorhexadine gluconate) shampoo every three days. I have to leave the shampoo on her for 10 minutes and the poor thing stands there and shivers. But -- she still has a rash on her belly. Today was the third day -- she is supposed to have another bath today, but I noticed that the rash looks a lot better than yesterday. So now I wonder if its the shampoo that is giving her the rash, because I doubt its the antibiotic because the antibiotics in the past have always cleared the rash up totally. For a while!

I have a friend with a Shih-tzu with a similar problem. But of course that dog's allergies may be totally unrelated to Lucy's - if hers is an allergy at all. She has her dog on vegetarian food and something called Skin Eze that she gets from the States. I could try that but all dogs are different and it might not work.

I am at my wits end. Lucy probably is too! She has been chewing on her toes, because while those don't get the spots, her feet are sometimes a bit pink underneath.

I have thought about raw. I have thought about vegetarian.

I have spent $318.01 at the vet's in two weeks in Feb and that cannot continue. I just can't afford it. Specially as nothing is working. I nurse friend who breeds standards says that perhaps its an auto immune problem and she may have to be on antibiotics her whole life. She says its not ideal but people with transplants have to do it. I have used prednisone before now when she was going crazy with the itching. My vet and I talked about it for about two hours and decided it was the only thing to relieve the itching. I used it until she stopped scratching but haven 't used it since. I am very much against using prednisone unless I am desperate.

Sorry it was so long - does anyone have any suggestions?

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