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Hello guys,

I am new to this forum. I have an adorable Pomeranian called Lola a proper foxy look with no that fluffy fur. In spring she was shedding a lot and I’ve read that her baby fur is falling out.
In meantime the shedding stopped a bit and now she starts to shed A LOT again.
She is healthy well looked after the vet says nothing is wrong with her health.
I would like to ask for advise or if someone has an experience with this kind of matter. I am brushing her every two days with a special comb and it catches the death hair but if I gently pull the fur with my fingers it doesn’t stop falling. I am worried about it I hope it’s just period of when days gets shorter and longer in spring that they shed. She doesn’t have bold patches or anything similar but her fur is not even.
I simply adore her she is so intelligent, cuddly, very energetic Pomeranian, and she is good dog too, I just worried she isn’t in some kind of a pain (God forbid.)
I am grateful for any advice you have.
Thanks in advance
Lola’s mummy Ella

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If the Vet says all is ok, then just keep brushing.

Its likely her coat is changing.

I have a miniature schnauzer, he doesn't shed, but in the spring and fall his coat changes. I do rake/brush/comb more undercoat off of him. I attribute this to the seasonal shift in his coat. Granted, I don't get a large amount of hair at any time of year. Just spring and fall I'm able to harvest more undercoat.

I really should learn how to strip his coat instead of clipping.

I'd suggest keep brushing and begin more research to Pomeranian grooming.
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