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Pomeranian questions

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I have three female dogs, different breeds, ages, and personalities. The youngest is a Pomeranian who will be three this Autumn, the other two are a 9 year old Westie, and a 7 year old Yorkie.

The Pomeranian, Sofie, has some puzzling attributes, such as:

1. She likes to spend most of her time during the day by herself on the bed in my bedroom. It is very dark in there, so she spends lots of time alone and in the dark. She doesn't seem sad or lonely, but I wonder if that is normal or good for her. She will come out, mostly to see if there are any treats to be had and then back she goes.

2. She doesn't like to be cuddled or petted. She allows me to pet her in the morning, but becomes more skittish as the day goes on and will run to the end or the bed or jump off the avoid being petted. She doesn't seem afraid, just doesn't like to be cuddled or petted.

3. She is very bossy, especially with the older dog, who would make two of her. She won't allow her on the bed and growls and snarls at her. Once the Westie makes it onto the bed she seems ok with it.

4. If you try to pet her or hold her she draws her front legs up toward her chest in what looks as a frightened and submissive gesture. I generally then only pet her a very little, because she looks so miserable.

5. She loves treats and food much more that the other dogs and will snap and growl at them if they are in the same area with treats.

On the other hand she is very pretty, clean looking and smelling, and is the best jumper I've ever seen. She doesn't seem particularly afraid of anything, unless being cuddled and maybe I'm misreading this posture, I don't know.

The only other thing I would like to know, does anyone have any ideas, other than brushing to do something about the shedding? I could knit her a sweater from the fur I brush off her. The other two dogs don't shed, but she surely does. I'm afraid to bake or cook for anyone anymore because of the shed fur.

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Some dogs aren't into affection, regardless of breed. Some just want to be left alone and chill by themselves in a comfy space. Unless this is a sudden change for her, I wouldn't worry about it. Just make sure to only give her pets and affection on her terms. Getting up and walking away is a perfectly reasonable action for her to take when she does not want to be petted, so don't force it.

She's most likely a resource guarder, guarding beds and treats. Simple solution to that is don't have food laying about and never make her feel like she has to guard. So no food around the other dogs, no chews around the other dogs. She should be physically separated from the other dogs when food is involved. For guarding the bed, don't allow her access to the bed anymore. If she can't be up there, she can't guard it.

As for the shedding...well, not much you can do other than making sure she's groomed. You can take her to a professional groomer. Sometimes diet can effect shedding levels. And some dogs just shed a lot. Little you can do other than vacuum regularly.
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Thank you Lillith. I agree with your answer, it makes sense. I guess she feels entitled to guard the bed since she spends the most time there. I'm afraid that not allowing her to access the bed won't work as they all three sleep in the bed with me and that's not likely to change. They fuss, grumble, growl and yip if not allowed up and in general they are fine once that are all up together.
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