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Pomeranian during pregnancy

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I have 3 Pomeranian at home (2male, 1female). One of my Pomeranian is pregnant so i wanted to know if it was ok to leave her home alone w/ the two other pom. during her pregnancy?
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Leaving a femail Pom. home w/ 2 male Pom.

I have 3 pom. 1 female and 2 male and they're all siblings. They're just puppies now and i know that my female pom is going to start her heat when she's around 6-8 months. Should i separate her from her brother when she start her heat? Can i keep all 3 of them or do i need to give the female one away?
no, she haven't come into heat yet, but im just thinking ahead because right now she's ok w/ being around her brother but what about later in the future? like when she come into heat, should i separate her then or is it ok for her to be w/ her brother.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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