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Pomeranian during pregnancy

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I have 3 Pomeranian at home (2male, 1female). One of my Pomeranian is pregnant so i wanted to know if it was ok to leave her home alone w/ the two other pom. during her pregnancy?
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Sounds to me that if the female isn't already pregnant, you're planning on it. Word to the wise: DON'T.

How old are the pups now?

If you have enough $$$, get them all fixed (depending on what age they are now). If not, get the female spayed, and then save up your money to get the males fixed at a later date.
As a Pomeranian Breeder, I'm wondering unless you have the parents, why you would have 3 from the same litter?

Unless you plan to breed (which you cannot breed brother to sister, it is strongly not recommended!) than you should get them all fixed.

Leaving the female with the males she WILL get pregnant during her heat, and She could possibly get pregnant by both of them, and have a multiple sired litter. Not good.

If you are looking to breed, I strongly recommend not keeping litter mates. You could keep the female, and neuter thee males and sell them, and then turn around and but a unrelated male, But if you do not plan on spaying her, or neutering them, I strongly recommend re homing the males.

I do hope you know also that Poms have a very high need for C-sections which will cost you anywhere from $700-$4000 depending if its during vet hours or not. So if you do plan to breed, do your research.
Umm... are you really even considering advising the OP to breed? There's a lot more to consider than not breeding sister to brother and an emergency C-section. What about health testing? What about titles for the parents?

1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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